AllPay, LLC

A Third Party Service Provider Specializing in ACH Direct Debit

Get Paid When Payment is Due With ACH Direct Debit.

Tired of Chasing Receivables?

Having Trouble Collecting Monthly Dues Payments?

Want to Offer Your Members a Monthly Alternative to Large Annual Membership Fees?

ACH Direct Debit is the Solution

Who Can Use ACH?

Just About Any Business with Recurring Payments or Receivables.

Safer and More Secure Than Credit Cards or Debit Cards

What Industries use ACH Direct Debit?

• Air Carriers
• Athletic Clubs/Gyms
• Campground Memberships
• Check Cashing Stores
• Churches
•Charitable Organizations
• Collection Agencies
• Computer Rentals
• Computer Software Leases
• Country Club Memberships/ Golf Dues
• Credit Repair/Counseling Services
• Day Care Centers
• Electronic Rentals
• Insurance Agencies
•Loan Companies
• Marina Docking Fees/Leases
• Martial Arts Schools
• Membership Clubs
• Package Tours
• Pest Control Services
• Political Candidates
• Timeshares
• Private Schools
• Professional Associations
• Professional Therapists
• Property Management/ Rental Properties
• Rent to Own Stores
• Self-Storage Companies
• Service Contract Providers
• Social Service Organizations
• Subscription Payments
• Tanning Salons
• Telephone Answering Services
• Truck Rentals/Leases
• Uniform Rental Companies
• Utility Companies
• Web Site Monthly Hosting Fees

How Does it WorK?

Simply Sign a Contract with AllPay,LLC and Get a Signed Authorization

From Your Customer or Client. It's That Easy.

AllPay,LLC Will Take Your Raw Data, Organize it and

Return a Preformatted File, Ready for Upload to Your Bank

Since Your Request Arrives Electronically, Your Company will Get Paid First

Contact Information:

AllPay, LLC
(A Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company)

Gary James Bennett
President & CEO

1047 Millwood Road
Derry, PA 15627


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